The Seaman book is issued only after the completion of the STCW 2010.

We provide Bahamas CDC which requires the following:

Bahamas CDC:

    • Scan Copy of Passport
    • 5 Mandatory basic STCW 2010 (EFA/FPFF/PST/PSSR/STSDSD).
    • 1 passport size photograph in JPG format
    • Medical done by D.G Shipping approved doctor (not more than 6 months old)

NOTE: Seaman Book issued in 14 days with Web Verification functional within 24 hour of the same date valid for Lifetime.

We are the only Seafarer agency which is processing Bahamas CDC in India.

PROCESSING TIME – Scan copy of CDC in 14 Days and Hard copy(Original) in 20 days.


Fees for Complete Package of STCW with CDC is 25,000 INR only.
Call now on 09811166979 or send scanned documents to